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We offer six cover choices for the 2017 WeekDate Weekly Planner.


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Cool It
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Start The Party

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We only do one printing a year.
Sorry, when they're gone, they're gone.




WeekDate is the best paper planner available.
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2017 WeekDate Weekly Planners
Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

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Why are these on sale?
We will typically do not discount our dated planners. We often sell out before it is time to discount them. If you like our unique and amazing "Only Write It Once" design, snag one now for this unique sale! And before they're all gone. We are a small, yet growing, company. Thanks for the WeekDate love!

Note: This is a Monday to Sunday calendar.

Don't miss out!
We only do one printing a year.   When they're gone, they're gone.

Two weeks at at time?
I get to see two weeks worth of calendar at a time? Sweet.

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Balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder... trying to do a million things... suddenly the voice on the phone tells you that your monthly book club or weekly status meeting has been moved to another day of the month or week. While some scramble through each month or week to make the change, the smart person has a WeekDate calendar... makes the change once and Voilą! – done for the year.

Now, you're that smart person. Welcome to WeekDate. 

Just look in one column each day to see what you have scheduled!

Best Paper Planner

Only Write It Once.  Could it be any easier?  

Note: This is a Monday to Sunday calendar.

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Best Paper Planner - WeekDate Best Paper Planner - WeekDate

Best Paper Planner - WeekDate

2017 pics coming soon!
Best Paper Planner - WeekDate Best Paper Planner - WeekDate Best Paper Planner - WeekDate
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Use it the traditional WeekDate way... or set it up as a "tent" on your desk or countertop.
best paper planner

Product Specifics

Best Paper Planner January 2017 - December 2017 Planner
Best Paper Planner Every WeekDate Weekly Planner comes with it's very own fantastic WeekDate pencil
Best Paper Planner
Closed dimensions are 9" x 4½"
Best Paper Planner Please note this is a Monday - Sunday calendar
Best Paper Planner Introducing the new "WeekDate Time Tracker to watch your time go by throughout the year.Best Paper Planner - WeekDate
Best Paper Planner Use it the traditional WeekDate way … Or … set it up as a tent calendar on your desk or countertop!
Best Paper Planner Monthlies to track your recurring monthly events
Best Paper Planner Weeklies to record your weekly set schedule
Best Paper Planner Back cover features 2017 full year view
Best Paper Planner Just look in one column to see all your activities for the day.
Best Paper Planner New "Monthly Views" before each calendar month
Best Paper Planner Full notes/goals/to-do's page before each month
Best Paper Planner Six fun Simple Cover Designs!
Best Paper Planner Hide or show your "Monthlies" flap.  You decide!
Best Paper Planner Use your "Weeklies" flap to save your place in the year.
Best Paper Planner Unique "Only Write It Once" design
Best Paper Planner Every page has a tiny monthly view!
Best Paper Planner Current year (2017) and next year (2018) views.

Best Paper Planner
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"I take out my WeekDate calendar, and people immediately crowd around like I just started performing magic tricks like a David Blaine wannabe."

Wondering how to use your WeekDate Weekly Planner?
Here's our 4 minute video.

Please note this video features an older version of this product.

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