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New format!  best paper planner ever

We are now producing a new six-month format with the same amazing WeekDate features.  Six months at a time, so jump in on the fun anytime!  Use it on it's own, or place it in the Voyager Notebook also sold here.

Thanks for your patience as we update our website with photos of the new version.
Some photos (like with spiral binding) may be outdated until we complete this process.


10 Best Planners for the New Year

by NotEntirelyPerfect.com 

Voted "#1 cause they have a crazy neat set up!"

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How WeekDate Works

WeekDate in the News
Come 2008, give your old calendar the boot and upgrade to the WeekDate calendar. It'll make your life easier, since any recurring appointments and to-dos only need to be written once...Ladies Home Journal   Entrepreneur Magazine   Organize Magazine   Lifehacker   <One of the common drawbacks of using a paper calendar is having to write recurring events repeatedly, and then, of course, you have the hassle of erasing and updating all of them when something changes. One calendar has changed all of that. WeekDate is one of the most creative things I have seen in a while. You write in all of your monthly recurring appointments, all of your weekly recurring appointments, and then all of your specific day appointments on different folded-in “flaps” of the calendar itself, so that you can view them all at once and have no need to rewrite things...


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